About the company

Indelible Designs are a small and highly skilled multi media company based in West Cumbria with a strong emphasis on information security (infosec).

Our staff have been at the heart of revolutionising the media industry to allow newsrooms and advertising agencies get the most out of the World Wide Web.
With this experience behind us, we are able to offer solutions using the following Skills:
  • Website design
  • Training on Office and Home Computer use
  • SQL Server and MySQL
  • Flash Graphics and interactive Development
  • C#, C++, Perl, PHP, ASP, ActionScript
  • Information Security Consultancy and Training (CISSP Qualified).More...

We also offer IT consultancy and training for individuals who may be setting up small home / office networks or require help with everyday applications. Our sister company - Indelible Data - offers Data Security Consultancy and bespoke Application Development.

About the founder

Indelible Designs Limited was founded in Aspatria, Cumbria by Tony Wilson (BSc Hons, CISSP) in 2010. The company mission is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of users' personal and private information.
This is achieved through the delivery of secure websites and applications together with talks and security awareness training for everyone - from hotel receptionists to IT directors of major corporations.
Tony has designed and configured secure workflows for major media enterprises in the Middle East, Far East and Europe where security is of paramount importance.
Tony Wilson